6 Degrees of separation

So you know the game right? You take any 2 actors and relate them through other actors and films. So, the idea is that any other person is related to you in six or few social connections. So, what if you do that with social media?

So, i chose Scratch. Mainly because it's easy to scrape and it's easy to get followers there. Also, i'm using only followers so that the networks don't get to big.

I scraped Scratch with selenium and i used 5 degrees because that gave ~ 400K users. About 2.9% of all connections are f4fs (follow for follow). The average amount of followers per user is 54.

After that i scraped GitHub with 6 degrees and got ~ 100K users. 1.4% Were f4fs and the average amount of followers were 30. Here is the spread of followers in the network (i removed any edge users).

Top 5 users, sorted by followers


Username Followers
Meekaryo 11,807
Canarysong 10,510
Raysworkshop 10,492
AquaLeafStudios 9,593
astro-tears 9,436


Username Followers
crnacura 4,244
SaraSoueidan 3,595
liuyubobobo 2,892
xcatliu 2,813
thedaviddias 2,729

Download files

Filename Size
followers_github_3deg.dot 74 KB
followers_scratch_3deg.dot 3 MB
followers_github.dot 8.08 MB
followers_scratch.dot 35.1 MB
followers_count_github.tsv 126 KB
followers_count_scratch.tsv 310 KB
edge_users_github.txt 1.56 MB
edge_users_scratch.txt 5 MB


Filename Size
main_scratch.py 3 KB
main_github.py 3 KB
analyzer_tools.py 2 KB